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After that last screw is tightened and the last nail is hammered in, you’re ready to sit back and enjoy, right? Wrong, not without a construction cleaning service. 

Whether it’s a residential remodel or new commercial construction, the new project isn’t finished until you hire a post construction cleaning service.

You may think it’s an easy task to do yourself, but there are a few reasons why hiring a professional construction cleaning service is a better choice. 
Here’s my list of the top 5 reasons why:

Construction Cleaning Service  

A common service that professional cleaners provide is construction site cleanup. 

Whether it’s a brand new building or new window installation, there will be a significant amount of cleanup after any type of construction.

Part of the renovation or commercial building project is hiring a construction cleaning service to complete the job.

They have clean up crews that have the proipment and training to remove drywall dust, trash, and dangerous debris from the premises.  


Professional and Specialty Trained 

Not all cleaning services offer construction cleaning service.
Many cleaning companies don’t have the experience to complete a construction clean up  job.
Make sure you hire a cleaning service that is experienced and prepared to take on construction cleaning. 


Remove Material and Debris 

There is more to remove than most people realize after a construction job is complete. 
There are stickers on windows, mirrors and products throughout the site.
Dust will be everywhere. It gets into the air vents and blows all over ever surface. 
An air duct cleaning will remove the dust so it doesn’t reappear after the final cleaning.
Dust and debris needs to be removed by a professional. 
Leaving it to an inexperienced cleaner or homeowner, could be dangerous.


Safe and Attractive Space 

Safety is a top priority. 
Removing debris from inside and outside will ensure the safety patrons to businesses or family of home remodeling projects.  
Caulking, glass and nails can be power sprayed away creating safe spaces. 


Save Money 

Doing the post construction clean up yourself will not save you or your company money. 
After buying the supplies and renting the equipment necessary, purchasing the correct insurance, paying your employees for their time, you will actually come out of pocket more and it will take much more of your time.  

These are just a few of the reasons individuals or commercial projects need to hire a professional construction cleaning service.


Phases of Construction Cleaning 

There are different phases of a construction cleaning service. 

Which services you require will depend on the project. 

There are 3 primary phases. 

Here is a list of the differences between each service:


The pre-cleaning is done before the actual project begins. 

You need to make sure the space is clean and free from debris and dirt before stating with the new construction.

Once demolition or removal of drywall occurs, you need to clear the area from dust and debris. 

This will make it a safer workspace and the new construction will be free from the old. 


Rough Clean

Rough cleanings are done throughout the project phases. 

Any type of installation whether it be plumbing or kitchen cabinets, this phase of cleaning is to prepare for the next phase of the project. 


Post Construction Cleaning 

Post construction clean up, often referred to as the final clean, is when all phases of the remodel or new construction is complete. 

This stage of cleaning will be very detailed. 

Every inch of the facility will be covered. 

From the bathrooms to the light fixtures, dust and debris will be removed and all surfaces sanitized. 

This stage of cleaning will be done before the contractor’s final inspection. 

This stage also includes power washing of the exterior, including windows and parking lot. 

The final cleaning is one of the most important steps and can not be overlooked. 

Prior to the move-in, you want the space safe, sanitized and looking its best. 

That is the objective of this construction cleaning services option.

What to Ask When Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service



Experience is crucial when hiring a company for construction cleaning.    

A company that has staff that are experienced and trained can make certain that there is knowledge and skill behind each job. 

Their cleaning crew will come in and know exactly what needs to be done and execute the process in an efficient manner. 

Ask: How many years of experience the crew has in construction cleaning.


When a cleaning company successfully completes many jobs, it says that they are dependable and they have a good reputation. 

It also says that the staff knows what they are doing and has the experience and knowledge to support their reputation. 

The more construction cleaning a company has done, the more you can trust when you hire them for a job, it will be done right.

Ask: How many construction cleaning projects did your company do last year compared to this year?


Customer service should be at the heart of any business and a construction cleaning service is no exception. 

You are allowing a cleaning crew onto your job site and you want to be absolutely sure that the company stands behind them with exceptional customer service. 

Afterall, good business relationships are built on trust. 

Ask: Does your company offer 24/7 customer support?


Quality matters when you are looking to hire a cleaning service for your construction clean up job. 

Their work will reflect on you. 

It is vital that the work the company does is flawless and their equipment is top of the line.

Safety is a considerable issue. 

Look for a cleaning company that emphasizes safety and has an impeccable track record. 

And don’t forget the old saying, you get what you pay for. 

Don’t hold back paying a bit more for quality. 

Ask: Do you offer any guarantee on the work you do? 

There’s a lot to consider when doing a renovation or a complete build. 

Whether you are a homeowner or a commercial site, professional clean up is part of the job. 

Be sure to give us a call when you need construction cleaning service. 

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