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Most businesses will do minimum cleaning, but did you know hiring a commercial cleaning service can save you money? 

Americans spend the majority of their waking hours at work. Allergens and pathogens lurk in the carpet, dirt and dust builds up on the surfaces and blinds, and let’s not even mention the restrooms.  

These issues could lead to your employees becoming sick and less productive. Having the germs removed on a routine basis may help raise employee morale and lead to healthier, happier employees. 

Have you been thinking about hiring a commercial cleaning service for your business? Read my top 5 benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning company and why you should. 

Healthier Environment

The health of staff has become an issue of great concern. Businesses are opting for more eco-friendly options. Commercial cleaning companies are mindful of the issues businesses face and many choose the safer, green cleaning products. In doing so, it reduces the chance of allergic reactions and toxic overload that many traditional cleaning products cause. 

Did you know that one of the top 3 reasons people call in sick is due to allergies? Commercial cleaning companies know how to combat these allergens and remove them. They can effectively remove germs and bacteria to stop the spread of disease. 

To help get rid of the bacteria, the air ducts need to be cleaned on a regular basis. This will help with the indoor air quality and reduce the businesses cost of energy. That’s a great perk! 

Regular professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning and removing the dust and debris from surfaces and flooring, will ensure your employees perform their best.     

Only One Shot to Make a First Impression

That’s it, you only have one chance. One chance to show that future client that you know how to take care of their needs, because you take care of yours. 

If your potential client or customer walks into your place of business and it’s a mess, do you think they will trust you with their needs? From stained carpet to overflowing trash, no one wants to do business with someone who can’t take care of their own. However, if your business looks and smells sweet, their confidence level goes up and they will trust you with their needs. 

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Using a commercial cleaning service results in Enthusiastic Employees

An enthusiastic, or happy, employee is a productive employee. When the environment around them is clear, their thinking will be as well. They will take more pride in themselves and their work. This will attract the clients or customers you want. 

Your staff is happier when the workplace is clean and free from built up dirt and dust. The air smells fresh, and is healthier to breathe. Very few companies realize that most important factor in productivity, is clean air. 

Your employees will feel that the ventures you are involved in are significant. Even a smaller business, where cleanliness is maintained, will encounter an increase in morale. Happier employees get more business and do their jobs with pride in achievement. When you have a higher morale, your staff will help uplift your company.   

Commercial Cleaning Service Saves you Money 

Less knowledgeable cleaning companies only perform the basic cleaning. However, dust builds up on shelves, blinds, and the top cabinets. Upholstered furniture releases dust and odors. 

Regular commercial cleaning should include keeping all surfaces, including fabrics and the tops of high reaching areas, free from bacteria, dust, and dirt. 

Professional cleaning helps keep carpets from becoming damaged or excessively stained with ground in dirt. Then your business would have to replace the carpet and a much higher cost than avoiding the issue in the first place.

Fewer Liability Risks With a Commercial Cleaning Service

Having your staff clean your business increases liability. It puts employees at risk for accidents and injury. Even if you ask your employee to do a small cleaning task, it can significantly raise the risk factor. 

You hired your staff based on their skill for the business. It wasn’t based on their cleaning ability. A commercial cleaning service is knowledgeable and experienced and know how to avoid accidents. 

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I hope my list of 5 reasons your business needs a commercial cleaning service was helpful. 

While the types of businesses that need commercial cleaning varies from office buildings to hotels, here is a list of some of the overlooked companies that need service:


School’s are required to have cleaning services, even the smaller private schools and even daycare facilities. Staff are not equipped or trained to properly sanitize these facilities. 

Medical and Dental Offices

Did you know, small medical facilities and dentist offices are held to the strict OSHA regulations that large hospitals have? Commercial cleaning service is a non negotiable for these places of business. 

Restaurants and Bars

Most restaurants and bars will have their employees do daily cleaning. However, it is very important to have professionals come in and maintain the stringent health codes. 

Fitness Centers

From gyms to yoga studios, do I need to explain why this one needs commercial cleaning?  


Places of worship need regular professional cleaning just like any place of business. Trash gets deposited in places where you may not think of if you clean yourself. The bathrooms and floors need regular cleaning to keep it free from objects and contaminants. 

Retail Stores

Most retail stores will keep up appearances, but without commercial cleaning, dust will build up on the display racks, light fixtures, mirrors, etc. The POS systems will also get dusty and carry lots of germs if not properly and regularly sanitized.  

Maid Services Atlanta knows the significance of keeping your business clean – for health and productivity, and to create a positive first impression for potential clients or customers that enter your business. We offer a quality guarantee and dedicated to providing outstanding service.  

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