Cleaning after Construction

After the Dust Settles Down!

Post-construction cleanup might be one of the hardest tasks for construction workers and builders alike, but it is nonetheless important for the protection of both life and property on site. Once a construction or renovation project nears its completion, chances are that there is a big pileup of leftovers: debris, dust, fragments of wires and metal rods, nails and screws, empty paint cans, plaster and wood chips.

Cleaning after construction should be performed using a custom checklist that represents the best practices for residential cleaning projects. These include deep-cleaning undertaken room-by-room and dusting newly-installed cabinets, windows, glass doors and fixtures and fittings. Since debris and dirt are found in abundance at construction sites, you should pay special attention to corners. Use detergents to thoroughly clean and disinfect surfaces.

Protect Your Home from Paint Fumes and Particles

Undertaking any major renovations at home need to have sound plans for follow-up cleanups. The lingering paint smells and various pieces of trash and debris cannot be removed by buckets and broomsticks alone. Some simple tricks involve using a few fans and opening windows to whisk the paint fumes out. You can also try placing bowls filled with vinegar round the house, or sprinkle baking soda to neutralize the odors from the freshly-done paint job.

Cleaning Up Spills and Dealing with Dust

Cleaning after home renovation is important to remove construction material leftovers and protect everyone from potential accidents. Spills are common during construction, whether it is paint, oil or some other liquid that can prove to be hazardous if left lying around. If it is a paint spill on your newly tiled floors, you can use alcohol to remove it. Pour the alcohol on the spillage or the stains of paint, and leave it to soak for a good 30 minutes. You can use a paper towel to wipe it clean afterwards, scrubbing gently over the stain.

On the other hand, if it is dust you have to deal with, you can start with picking up large chunks of building materials and bits of sawdust and idle screws first with a push broom. Later, use a vacuum cleaner to pick the remaining dust and debris from floors, carpets and different surfaces.

The Bottom Line

While your latest construction or home renovation project may have left you in high spirits, the huge post-construction mess you now have to deal with is likely to dampen your cheerful mood. You can try a number of tricks and tips and even natural product alternatives, or if that is too much for you, you should best opt for after-modeling cleanup or professional construction cleaning services.

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