Dobbins Air Reserve Base is located at 1809 Sabre Street, Bldg 945, Marietta, GA, and it is one of the busiest air bases in the entire United States. The Dobbins ARB provides reserve training to units of the US Air Force Reserve – as the name suggests – but it also supports the Georgia Air and Army National Guard, the US Naval Reserves, and the US Marine Corps Reserve.

Military enthusiasts and would-be future recruits can both visit the base if they get in touch with the Dobbins ARB Public Affairs beforehand because base tours are provided on a case-by-case basis, so you will want to check for available slots before you plan your trip. Once you get there though, you will be able to get an up-close glimpse of the exhilaration that only a base this huge can boast of. The Dobbins ARB stretches over 2,800 acres that the US government acquired in 1943. It used to be a pilot-training base once, but was named the Marietta Air Force Base after the creation of the US Air Force in 1948. The base was later renamed Dobbins Air Force Base in honor of the late Captain Charles M. Dobbins.

A tour of the Dobbins ARB is an interactive sort of history lesson; you get to learn about the Air Force and how it trains its units, and you can also see the vast civil engineering, security, and air operations facilities that the base provides to its military reservists. Dobbins ARB is also famous for being the home of the aeronautical division of Lockheed Martin, which is the designer and manufacturer of the F-22 Raptor – a modern, all-purpose fighter plane.

Dobbins ARB Marietta GA

Marietta GA has so much to see

We can see the planes land from our home office.

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