In 1998, individuals from East Cobb Area Council grouped to form the Friends for the East Cobb Park as a distinct non-profit organization. The reason behind this decision was to bring the East Cobb Park into existence as a park reserve for various community gathering. The place is now located at 3322 Roswell Road, Marietta, Georgia 30068. The Friends for the East Cobb Park plans to preserve greenery around the area and provide a secure yet pleasant place for all age groups to meet.

Friends for the East Cobb Park joined hands and generated funds for this beautiful park, finding enough money to construct an area that has vast grass fields, planned walking trails, overlooking stream, a playground that most kids would find exciting, picnic pavilions to relax in, and an outdoor classroom and stage as well! They went all out in terms of efforts and finances to provide nothing but the best facilities for the visitors. In 2003, the park opened its gates wide to the public, eventually turning out to be a great success when the group received nothing but appreciation and applause from the local community.

East Cobb Park is accessible to visitors from 7am onwards every morning till 10am every night. Families and individuals have so many spots to visit and explore in the park that they would remain busy the entire day! The 20-acre park grounds have multiple attractions for visitors and sightseers of all ages, whether they are young people, senior citizens or families with children. East Cobb Park is a sweeping open area with trees, benches, rolling hills, waterfalls and charming trails, a perfect place for your picture books – tourists come to this park and leave with a bunch of photos for themselves to keep. If the weather is pleasant as well, you are bound to find a bunch of people gathered in the area to make the most out of it.

East Cobb Park, Marietta GA

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