If you have a love for Margaret Mitchell’s classic novel, you must visit the Gone With the Wind Museum at Brumby Hall in Marietta, GA. The museum contains many costume items and other memorabilia related to the story. There are rare prints and other items on display. A special exhibition is held every month where you can see some of the actress’s personal effects. You can visit the museum at 472 Powder Springs St SW, Marietta, GA 30064.

There are a few things to know before visiting the museum. Marietta has little in common with the infamous novel, and the city was not even mentioned in the film. However, most of the museum’s artifacts have been collected by Chris Sullivan, a medical doctor from Akron, Ohio. Chris Sullivan wanted to display his collection in Atlanta, so he sought out space adjacent to the Marietta Museum of History. The result was a museum filled with the world’s largest collection of Gone With the Wind artifacts.

The museum’s location is a plus for those planning to hold a wedding or other event. The courtyard and solarium offer a beautiful backdrop for a romantic ceremony. A fountain in the courtyard provides a soothing soundtrack to the proceedings. The courtyard is surrounded by beautiful flower gardens, and the red-brick surface lends itself to a romantic atmosphere. The solarium accommodates forty to fifty guests. If you want to host a larger gathering, theater-style seating is available. There is ample parking, and the grounds are maintained regularly.

The Marietta ‘Gone With the Wind’ Museum at Brumby Hall is located in the historic district of Marietta. The museum features hundreds of artifacts and memorabilia from the film. The museum is just a quarter-mile from the historic Marietta Square, and is within walking distance of the Hilton Marietta Hotel & Conference Center. The Marietta Gone With the Wind Museum is a must-see destination for any fan of the film.

The Brumby Hall in Marietta is a beautiful, historic venue. Visitors will be treated to a tour of the museum as part of their venue rental. The museum is home to a collection of artifacts from the film, including one of Vivien Leigh’s famous dresses. You can enjoy a wedding here from March through November. The gardens are also perfect for an outdoor ceremony.

The Marietta Gone With the Wind Museum will no longer be located on Marietta Square. Instead, it will be housed at the historic Brumby Hall and Gardens, 472 Powder Springs Street, which is right off Marietta Square. In addition to the museum, you can enjoy a tour of the mansion itself. The museum also features the re-enactment of the famous movie.

There is an educational display and an authentic honeymoon gown worn by Vivien Leigh. You can also view the movie’s promotional pieces, including Ona Munson’s personal script and the original Bengaline Honeymoon Gown worn by Vivien Leigh. The museum is located one block from historic Marietta Square, which pays tribute to the Civil War. The square has a variety of restaurants and shops, including a fountain in Glover Park.

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