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When you are stepping out of the shower, you feel clean and fresh but can the same be said about the tiles in your shower? Where does all of that soapy oil and dirt go? You would be surprised to know how much of all the grime makes a home in your shower area. Your shower tiles can be a magnet to all sorts of bacteria, fungi and mildew spores, and that is why it is time to finally deep clean your shower.

A Clean Shower

Cleaning your shower thoroughly on a weekly basis can be good, but doing a 60-second clean right after your morning shower can cut down your time spent in cleaning immensely. Ceramic tiles in the shower can become a breeding ground for spores and to prevent that, you can either clean them with a commercial grout cleaner or a homemade one made out of white vinegar, ammonia and hot water.

Bath oil, soap scrum, dirt from your body and hair product build-up combine forces to wreak havoc on the shining surface of your tub or shower, while small nooks and fixtures, rims, and faucets provide good hiding places for mould growth, mildew and moisture. by putting the job off, these deposits can ossify and harden while mould and mildew can take up house in any dark corners. Harnessing some cleaning power and time ensures that none of these things happen making your everyday shower cleaning a short job to do.

Shower Cleaning Prep

You can also use borax, baking soda and hot water to create a paste which you can then apply to the tiles and scrub off with a brush. This not only leaves your tiles shiny new but germ-free as well. Any rust-stains on knobs or shower heads can be easily erased using any toothpaste on an old toothbrush, while shower curtains can be cleaned seasonally. It is also important to leave any shower tools like brushes or poofs to dry completely, as damp sponges can serve as the optimal place for bacterial growth.

Step By Step Shower Cleaning

For a thorough clean, here are some of the ways you can ensure your shower looks as clean as the first time you got it installed!

Stand and Spray: Before you clean the rest of your bathroom, you can start by spraying the shower area with a generous amount of all- purpose bathroom cleaner or your homemade one and allow it to sit for a few minutes while you clean the rest of your bathroom. The standing time helps in dissolving any oil or scum on the titled floors so that you will need less elbow grease when you are doing a deep clean.

Get to Scrubbing: You can use damp towels or an abrasive scrubbing spong to remove any rings around the shower faucets or deposits left on the shower floors. Tile brushes not only reach into corners and cracks but clean tiles thoroughly. You can focus the scrubbing in between and around the edges of the tile to ensure any grime between them is cleaned out. A cleaning toothbrush can do a quick job in removing deposits around shower fixtures and facets as well.

Rinse Clean:┬áHaving a detachable showerhead easily allows you to wash off any cleaner quickly but if you do not have one, you can stock your cleaning supply with a rotating and removable rubber showerhead that attaches to the shower tap. Although commonly used for bathing pets and shampooing hair, they’re inexpensive and make it easier to wash cleaning products off the walls after you clean them as well as rinse the shower thoroughly.

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