Located at 955 Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta, GA 30068, is the Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, a unique Baptist Church in Georgia. Their mission, as they say, is to love and worship God – they want to reach and disciple people for Jesus Christ. Founded in 1981 while sitting between Johnson Ferry Road and Woodlawn Road across from Little Willeo Road, Johnson Ferry Baptist Church has specific key values attached to itself. The people in Johnson Ferry Baptist Church desire to be more and more like Jesus Christ himself; they preach to others and stress on the benefits of becoming faithful stewards.

They provide a remarkable service at the church, having volunteers from and outside the church who guide visitors to their worship seats. In its essence, there are two types of services available at this church: the traditional and the modern service. The Traditional Service starts at 9am in the Sanctuary, where present-day songs and hymns are played by the Johnson Ferry Orchestra and Choir group. Meanwhile, the Modern Service begins at 9am, and 10:45am at the Activities Center, where worshippers can enjoy contemporary music and revamped hymns played by the Johnson Ferry Band.

You may be requested to arrive about 30 minutes before the worship time for the check-ins, parking, and other formalities. If you plan on coming with your children, there is also a unique limited age-group program for pre-school and elementary school children every Sunday morning, for which you will have to register in advance. The church also allows attendees to have dinner with Johnson Ferry and become acquainted with the exemplary hospitality at Johnson Ferry Church.

The hallowed aura inside Johnson Ferry Church stands for peace in its finest state – the members, employees, and church goers are all extremely friendly and warm-hearted, so the place starts to look like a second home if you become a regular worshipper.

Driving direction to Johnson Ferry Baptist church:

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