The Marietta Confederate Cemetery is located in Land Lot 1290 of District 16 – you can reach it at 395 Powder Springs Street, Marietta GA. This cemetery was originally established in 1863 as a resting place for 20 confederate soldiers that lost their lives in a train wreck to the north of Marietta. Today, it is a vast graveyard dedicated to thousands of soldiers who died in different places during the Civil War – their bodies were later recovered and reburied here.

For people interested in the Civil War and the Confederacy, the Marietta Cemetery is a must-see because of the rich history behind it. This cemetery has had many historic firsts; the first church in Marietta was built on the grounds that now hold the cemetery back in 1833. Marietta’s first mayor, John Glover bought the land soon after his appointment in 1848 and the city began using it as a Confederate cemetery four years later with his permission. Glover’s wife, Jane Glover, gave the land to the Memorial Association in 1867.

Today, the cemetery holds more than 3,000 Confederate soldiers, including those who died in the battle of Chickamauga and whose bodies were abandoned on the battlefield. Visiting this cemetery could make an interesting day out: it has the historical old Marietta City Cemetery on its South and the Brown Park on its North.

This common area, owned and maintained by the city, is beautiful and makes a lovely entrance for the cemetery. The park has benches with sculptures paying tributes to the fallen war heroes interred at the cemetery, as well as several statues. The granite walls of the park list the names of those buried in the cemetery, although some of these names are not known now: weather-worn grave markers whose names were lost with time have been replaced with plain marble markers in this historical graveyard.

Marietta Confederate Cemetery GA

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