Marietta Square is a great spot for enjoying some time outdoors while in Marietta, Georgia. 

There are many shops, restaurants and attractions to see and the well maintained gardens of Marietta Square attract hundreds of people a day whether they come from the adjacent court house on lunch break or visitors window shopping in the unique boutique stores Marietta Square is famous for. 

The park itself has many landmarks including: a replica of the Liberty Bell, a statue of Alexander Clay and the Foutain that draws in the kids and the cameras. 

Outside the gardens, the court house is the main building, but the four sides of the square are dressed with unique shops and restaurants as well as the famous Strand Theatre.

Marietta Square is known as the city center and is a place that attracts a high amount of traffic. During the week the workers from the court house ascend on the local establishments for breakfast and lunch, while in the evenings the restaurants provide an eclectic dinner occasion from aged local dwellings as well as the new Marietta Market and Food Hall. 

The weekend offers many events including the regular Marietta Square Farmer’s market where locals can shop freshly grown and homemade foods as well as materials not easily found in regular shops. The calendar for events is always full as Marietta Square is a place that people love to gather and socialize. 

During prom season it is common to see high school kids dresses to the nine’s pose for pictures with their friends in the picturesque gardens, while the weekends bring out the wedding dresses and the wedding photographers to mark the momentous occasion with the ideal venue for pictures. 

Marietta Square has a long history. When the Cobb County Court House burned down in 1848 Mayor John Glover donated the land to the city on the condition that it would stay a park or be returned to its heirs. It has been a park since that day and has seen its full of change. During the civil war it was used as a place for the militia to train. It’s horses and buggies made way to the Atlanta Trolley line in the early 1900’s and is filled with cars today circling to find a space to park in the busy square. 

If you haven’t been to Marietta Square take a morning to check it out or look for one of the scheduled events and come socialize. Just make sure to try one of the pies or pastries from The Australian Bakery. It will be your new favorite place to eat!

Marietta GA Square

Make sure to check out the confederate cemetery when you visit Marietta Square

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