McFarlane Nature Park is located at 280 Farm Rd SE, Marietta, GA 30067, “hidden” a little bit off the Paper Mill Rd SE, with Ponte Vedra Drive to one side and Atlanta Country Club Drive on the other.

An 11.5-acre site in east Cobb County, the McFarlane Park was established in the 1990s and is sustained through private donors to this day, while the land was willed to the community by Florence McFarlane. The park has a transitional woodland and 3 open pastures, as well as an open pavilion and picnic tables.

The McFarlane Nature Park is not only a pleasant sight to the eyes, but also a great informational resource with labelled plants along the walkways, with the common as well as Latin names printed on them for visitors to learn about the plant identities. The park is open to the public all throughout daylight hours on weekdays and weekends, and events can be scheduled with The Cobb Land Trust Inc., managed by volunteers. You could also see birdhouses and various animal habitats or even arrange a scavenger hunt! The Park’s website also provides a tree index for you to spot on your visits.

People often note that the park is not as crowded as others in the area – however, you might want to “go” before you go, as the park has no public restrooms immediately in the vicinity, except in the south-west pasture, west of the farmhouse, which might mean a little walking before you get to go. More functional information and information on the history of the park can be found right at the entrance, with literature and pamphlets placed in the Park Info mailbox.

Given that the Park has no government funding, the community efforts to keep it what it is are truly amazing, allowing them to restore woodland, have a capital fund to keep the park open to the public for the future, as well as a Give-A-Tree campaign where you can “sponsor” a tree of your choice for yourself or someone you know!

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