Six Flags White Water is a water park located outside Atlanta in Marietta GA. It originally opened in 1984 and has been a local favorite for generations. 

The park is located northwest of Atlanta in Cobb County and is 69 acres of water slides and activities. 

Six Flags took over the park in 1999 and marketed it along with Six Flags Over Georgia Theme Park to become one of the top Water Parks in America…voted #12 with over 505,000 visitors. 

Some of the favorite rides at Six Flags White Water include Tornado, Gulf Coast Screamer, and Dragon’s Tail. There are 22 different slides and activities for children and adults of all ages ranging from the Wild Water Lagoon activity pool for the smaller children to the Diver Bomber (formerly Cliff Hanger) which is the tallest ride at Six Flags White Water as well as the scariest according to many!

The Atlanta Ocean Wave Pool was one of the first attractions when opened in 1984 and still a favorite place to hang out and surf the waves. It is an open entry pool where guests can walk in and paddle in the shallows or move into the deeper water on ring tubes and float among the waves. 

A family favorite is the Six Lane Dragon’s Tail where people can race each other to the bottom weaving their way down the Dragon’s Tail on foam pads that can get pretty fast. This is a fun one as half is in a dark tunnel before racing away to the finish in the Georgia sun!

The park is made up of 4 sections. Wild Water Lagoon, Slippery Ridge, Pine Valley and the newest section Flash Flood Canyon. One of the newest attractions, Typhoon Twister is located in Wild Water Lagoon. It is a 67 foot bowl, much like the Tornado and has become one of the parks most popular rides. 

Six Flags White Water draws guests from all over the United States, especially those in the South East and local families and schools from all over the Atlanta metro area. It can get busy at times with lines up to one hour, but there are many rides to choose from and going during the week is better than the weekends. 

Guest rave about their experience at Six Flags While Water saying: 

“This has to be the best place in the world. It’s good for birthdays when you have a lot of kids. I would personally recommend it for any occasion especially the movie nights”

“OMG I LOVE GOING TO WHITE WATER SO MUUUCH!! I may only be 12(turning 13 on June 15!!  🤩) but going to white water is probably the BEST way to have fun!!! Some lines may have a biiit of wait, but, seriously, take a second and think-wHy would they have a long wait? What I’m tryna saaay is, IF U HAVE THE CHANCE TO GO TO WHITE WATER, GOOOOOO!!!”

Six Flags White Water Marietta GA

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