Sweat Mountain Park is located at 4346 Steinhauer Rd, Marietta, GA 30066, just by Rubes Creek, accessible via the Steinhauer Road, with the Sweat Mountain Dog Park being a part of the park.

It is truly exciting how much Sweat Mountain Park offers to the community. With 3 baseball fields, it is home to an extensive youth baseball program managed by various baseball associations, as well as 4 tennis courts, 2 practice fields, and batting cages – all open to the public. People have commented on the wide range of opportunities to enjoy various activities, with a playground, picnic pavilion, and concession building all in the park. Other highlights include wooden mulch and a water fountain. There is also a Sweat Mountain Dog Park, with two areas – one for dogs larger than 30 pounds, and an area for smaller dogs. Dotted with benches, the off-leash dog park is big but well-designed in such a way that owners can relax while their pets play, and parents can enjoy a day out with their kids without struggling in “nature” themselves!

The park opens to the public every day at dawn and stays open until the sun goes down, except for when it is closed for maintenance on Wednesday mornings. The wooded area that hosts the tennis facility is home to the trails, whereas the dog park is home to comfortable seating and shade for those who just want their dogs to have fun while they relax and chat. For those wondering, there is also an adequate amount of stations with enough poop bags for all the dogs.

Sweat Mountain Marietta GA

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