The Escapery Amusement center is located in Marietta, Georgia. The center offers thrilling rides, interactive exhibits, and a variety of family-friendly attractions. This Georgia landmark is located just off of Marietta Square and is just a few miles from downtown Atlanta. Its attractions are geared toward the entire family and are sure to please even the most ardent thrill-seeker. Visitors to the Marietta area should take advantage of the special events and special offers that are held in Marietta throughout the year.

The city is only 20 miles from Atlanta. Marietta is an incredibly unique city with a rich history and is constantly growing and evolving. Visitors can experience everything from live theatre to hiking trails and parks. Visiting the Escapery Amusement Center is sure to be an unforgettable experience for the whole family. While in Marietta, don’t forget to visit its sister city, Atlanta, or visit Macon to get a taste of its history and culture.

While in Marietta, be sure to visit the local museum. In the 1990s, the museum opened in Marietta. This grand building was once the city’s main post office, and even served as the courthouse scene in the Selma movie. Inside, you can find over 50 stalls selling locally-grown fruits and vegetables. You can also sample fresh lemonade made by local farmers.

Kids can experience magic Mondays at the Atlanta History Center. You can also visit the Wrens Nest for a special storytelling time. You can also see the animated film “Old Man’s Journey,” which tells the story of the birth of the famous frog. Children can also enjoy the World of Coca-Cola, which has a secret formula vault. The museum is located near Centennial Olympic Park.

There are also historical attractions to be enjoyed in Marietta. The town has five National Register Historic Districts and a historic town square. A fine collection of Civil War items is showcased in the museum, including the General steam locomotive, which was used in the Great Locomotive Chase in 1862. Unionists used the locomotive to wreak havoc on the rail lines to Tennessee, and the Confederate forces pursued it.

If you’re in the mood for some kooky entertainment, the Videodrome is a must-visit. There are shelves filled with cult classics and indie oddities, and walls adorned with vintage posters. You’ll find a section devoted to Serbian war movies and another devoted to 1920s animation reels. The Escapery is not just for kids, though; adults will find it to be a wonderful place to relax.

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