If you’re planning a visit to the city of Atlanta, you should consider visiting the underground area. This mall is located underground and has a GLA of 240,000 square feet. The underground area has a food court, but no stores. However, there is some potential for Underground Atlanta to be a fun and exciting destination. Read on to learn more about this mall. The name alone sounds fun! But what is it really like? You can visit this amazing destination at 50 Upper Alabama St, Atlanta, GA 30303.

Located just a short walk from downtown Atlanta, the Underground area is experiencing a revitalization. It has been under new ownership since late last year. The new staff pushed to make the area a center of art and entertainment. They created the Underground Roots Program, a free space for 70 local artists and entrepreneurs. These artists and entrepreneurs have the chance to create their own business in a low-risk environment. This has fueled the rebirth of Underground Atlanta.

As the city continued to attract new industries, the Underground Atlanta area became more important as a transportation hub for the country. In the 1940s, Atlanta was transformed into a thriving business district. The city was a thriving metropolis before the Civil War, and the Union army found it to be a treacherous target. Today, many businesses remain in this historic district, and visitors can visit and tour them. Once inside the complex, you can feel the history and the charm of the underground Atlanta district.

The Underground Atlanta district is located downtown Atlanta near the Five Points MARTA station. It opened in 1969 and took advantage of viaducts built over railroad tracks. It is split into two levels, with a shopping mall in between. The lower level contains the largest portion, with two main halls. The upper levels are lined with restaurants, pubs, and clubs. The basement is a unique area to visit, and visitors will find the experience both exciting and nostalgic.

Located just across the street from the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Underground Atlanta is a historic four-block property that features both retail and entertainment. It is possible to take the whole family to this underground location, which includes restaurants, gift shops, and even a movie theater. As a bonus, it is even home to a popular nightlife scene. While visiting Underground Atlanta, make sure to plan some time for some retail shopping. You’ll be glad you did.

A historic railroad depot stands near the Underground if you’re traveling in the city. The Depot was constructed in 1869 and stands near Underground Atlanta. The Underground Atlanta was a popular spot during the Reconstruction Era and the population doubled from 9,000 to 22,000 over the next five years. Besides the Underground Atlanta, the Georgia Railroad Freight Depot is another historic landmark in the Central Atlanta district. The depot was also a hub for businesses such as banks, law offices, and saloons.

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