The William Root House Museum & Gardens is located in Marietta, Georgia. Tours of this historic home will allow you to see the lifestyle of a family who lived there in the late 1850s. If you’re not a history buff, you can tour the home’s garden or enjoy a stroll through its grounds. While visiting this Marietta museum, be sure to bring a camera and a map. You can visit the museum at 80 North Marietta Pkwy NW, Marietta, GA 30060.

While visiting William Root House Museum & Garden in Marietta, Georgia, you’ll get a firsthand look at a time when people were enslaved. The museum is housed in the Root family’s old home, which was nearly destroyed during the 1980s. But in 1989, the Cobb Landmarks & Historical Society bought the home and restored it to its original condition.

The William Root House Museum & Gardens is a great place to celebrate the holidays. The rooms will be decorated with live greens and fruit. You’ll feel the spirit of 1860’s America when you visit. The museum is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm. Admission to the museum is $10 for non-members. While you’re there, be sure to take advantage of the Candlelight Tour.

Visitors to the William Root House Museum & Gardens in Marietta GA will get a unique insight into 1850s merchant life. While the museum is largely a replica of an actual 1850’s home, it is a good place to learn about life in the mid-1850s. It’s also possible to tour the gardens, which are about one acre in size and surrounded by 15,000 square feet of garden space. The museum houses an original collection of Gone With the Wind artifacts from Dr. Chris Sullivan, the Dr. of Georgia. His collection includes original scripts, foreign editions, conceptual artwork, and much more. Marietta offers a unique blend of history and romance.

Marietta was a key location during the Civil War. The town played a vital role in the Sherman’s March and many battles around Kennesaw Mountain. After World War II, the town began growing rapidly, which threatened many of the city’s historical buildings. Marietta is now an upscale suburban community with several historic properties. The museum is the perfect place to spend an afternoon. This museum is a must for any history buff!

Visitors can check in at the museum’s gift shop located in the renovated 1830 log cabin. There, they can purchase local handcrafted gifts and mercantile goods. Visitors can use credit cards to purchase their souvenirs and the museum encourages touchless payments. The museum features a self-guided tour of the grounds with interactive touchscreens and comprehensive exhibits. Families can complete a coloring sheet or complete a scavenger hunt to engage in historical activities.

A student group at KSU used technology to create a rough draft of the sculpture. They used a 3D scanner to record the features of Misha Harp and then created a 3D print of the sculpture. The final product will be a full-sized sculpture. Visitors can also see new outdoor seating and garden lights. In addition to these projects, the museum also hopes to raise $10,000 to fund future programs.

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