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If you have wondered whether to hire a professional window cleaning service for your home or office, and are considering doing it yourself, there are three things to consider before climbing that ladder for a day of DIY window cleaning: 

Safety — Can you safely clean those outside, hard-to-reach windows, and do you have the right equipment?

Time — Washing windows is a time-consuming task. One key factor that plays into hiring professionals is your time and ability. 

Quality — Some household cleaners leave streaks you’ll have to stare at until the next time you can clean the windows.

Clean windows improve the overall appearance of your home or business and makes your home brighter, but there’s more to it than just looks. 

Here are some reasons you should consider hiring a professional window cleaning service to keep your windows streak free and functional.

1. Hiring a professional window cleaning service will save you time

Cleaning your windows can be a laborious process.

Hiring a professional window cleaner will cut that time in half and you won’t have to do it yourself.

2. Professional window cleaners can spot general problems

Did you know that not only do clean windows improve the overall appearance of your home, but it can also spot early warning signs of potentially dangerous conditions.    

Finding the problems early can save you a huge expense later and it could even save your life.

A professional window washer can identify problems like window screens that don’t fit properly, window frames that are painted shut, damaged windows, and even rotten wood on the window sills.

3. Removing insect infestations

Oftentimes, hornets and bees will build their nests behind the shutters on the windows and wasps build their nests between the storm windows. 

Ladybugs like to build nests in window channels, making it hard to function properly.

4. Extending the life of a window

Aluminum screens that have been there for years will accumulate deposits on the glass.

The accumulation on the glass is not only ugly, but it will weaken the glass and make it easier to crack and chip.

A professional window cleaning service can restore the glass and lengthen your window’s life with certain cleaning treatments.

5. Window cleaning services bring the proper supplies and tools

Professional window cleaners can safeguard against damage by using the correct supplies and equipment

For example, using an ammonia based cleaner on leaded or stained glass could cause clouding that can not be repaired, and you could scratch the glass if you use the wrong tools.  

Professional window washers also have the right equipment, like ladders and extending window-washing tools, to safely clean high windows.

6. Professional window washers can help find the cause of spots on your windows

Stumped about what’s causing the spots on your windows? 

It could be caused by your mulch. 

Cheap mulches often are infested with a fungus that spray out black spores that attach to glass making it very difficult to remove.

A professional window-cleaning service can help pinpoint the common causes of these issues. 

Before you hire a window cleaner

How much window cleaning costs varies, but remember the old saying, you get what you pay for.  

Anyone with a bucket, water and squeegee can call themselves a  window cleaner. 

Make sure you ask the right questions before you hire.

A professional will not only make sure your windows are sparkling clean and functioning, but they will give you advice on how to protect your home. 

Read online reviews and see what your neighbors have to say about the company you are looking to hire. 

Windows should be professionally cleaned at least once a year. 

Once you’ve decided to hire a professional window cleaning service, here are four things you probably didn’t think to do or ask but that you should before your squeegee-wielding window cleaner arrives:

1. Clean your blinds

Clean windows can collect the dust that comes off of blinds. If you are having your windows washed inside your home, make sure the blinds are dusted and washed before the windows. 

2. Ask about odd jobs

Window washers generally will have tall ladders, not only to reach high outside windows, but also to access high, hard-to-reach things inside. 

From dusting ceiling fans to changing lights bulbs, ask if they are able to add on some of these services.

3. Move fragile items

Even if a company is extremely careful and professional, the reality is accidents do happen. 

So if you move fragile goods out of the way, it will keep them from getting inadvertently damaged.

4. Consider the window screens

If your screens are outside of your windows, they’ll generally be a lot dirtier and need more thorough cleaning than if the screens were inside. 

A rigorous cleaning will generally include a cleaning solution, but a less rigorous cleaning that works on inside screens would be using a wet towel and wiping them down. 

Some companies will use eco-friendly solutions, but may be upon request only. 

If you’re still concerned about the cleaning products a professional will use, you can make your own cleaning solution using these items found in most kitchens.


Many people know that vinegar is a popular all purpose cleaning agent used in an array of cleaning solutions. 

It has the capability to make windows shine. 

You can make your own window cleaner by combining 1/4 cup vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon of dish soap and 2 cups of water in a spray bottle.


A natural cleaning solution is just water and a microfiber cloth. 

The microfiber glass cleaning cloth will leave your windows sparkling and costs a fraction of what you’d pay for most cleaning products. 

The fiber cloths can be washed, dried and reused, which also makes them eco-friendly

Club soda: 

While it’s not the most common cleaning solution, the combination of club soda and water is magical when it comes to cleaning windows.

The acid in the club soda helps dissolve dirt and grime, which will leave you with brilliant results.


Many cleaning products have a lemon scent. 

What many people don’t know is that lemons are great for cleaning. 

Take two large lemons and squeeze out the juice. Pour it into a spray bottle, and then fill the bottle with equal parts vinegar and water. 

This cleaner can take on not just windows, but shower doors.

I hope these tips help you make a decision about hiring a professional window cleaning service.

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