The YMCA East Piedmont is located at 1055 East Piedmont Rd. NE Marietta, GA 30062, opposite to Chase Bank and Piedmont Commons Shopping Center. Founded by a non-profit organization, the main motive of this center is to develop a healthy lifestyle amongst the citizens – it works towards social responsibility and engages 9 million youth and 13 million adults each year for their development.

The YMCA opens its doors every day for the people at 5:30am and closes down at 10pm at night. The center has various youth and adult programs available, offering soccer, swimming lessons, personal coaching, weight-loss management, and health assessments. Not only this, but they also have specialized classes available for people suffering from chronic diseases – it can be seen how hard the Y has worked to include everyone in the community and not leave even a single person out. Carrying the Judeo-Christian heritage forward, the YMCA of Metro Atlanta provides services that strengthen people’s minds, bodies, and spirits.

At the Y, the management strives to work for the betterment of the community by adhering to outstanding values that have no place for discrimination of any sort; they make sure that the members will not face any injustice due to their religion, sexual orientation, income, gender, or their cultural background. Strengthening the community and its ties, the Y ensures that every member leaves their premises feeling more confident, healthy, and connected with the people around them. Even offering financial assistance, the Y makes sure that a person’s income does not stop them from reaching out for help and support from the YMCA. Members and non-members alike have commended the place for its interactive instructors, clean facility, and engaging classes for every age group; the Y surely deserves recognition for giving back to the community in the best ways possible.

YMCA East Piedmont Marietta GA

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