For a fun and educational family outing, make sure you visit the Zuckerman Museum of Art Kennesaw GA. It’s located on campus and offers a diverse collection of art, rotating exhibits, and programs throughout the year. The museum is also home to a series of special events. The staff will be happy to help you plan your visit. To learn more about the museum’s exhibits and events, check out its website. You can visit the museum at 492 Prillaman Way, Kennesaw, GA 30144.

The Bernard A. Zuckerman Museum of Art is the latest addition to the arts district on the Kennesaw State University campus. Opened in spring 2014, the museum showcases the work of both local and national contemporary artists. The museum’s permanent collection includes a number of works from the late sculptor Ruth Zuckerman. The museum is also dedicated to fostering the arts in the community through its professional development programs.

In addition to its museum, the area has several family-friendly attractions. For example, big festivals and battlegrounds are just a short drive away. There are also verdant gardens and a modern art museum that will delight everyone. The area is also home to the Big Shanty Festival, a fun-filled festival celebrating the railroad workers. And while you’re there, don’t miss the annual Big Shanty Festival to explore the city’s rich history.

While the Zuckerman Museum of Art is home to a diverse collection, the museum also hosts special events and rotating exhibits. It’s also home to an on-campus movie theater. Visitors can learn about history and World War II at the museum’s dedicated theater. The museum offers various programs and classes, so even those who aren’t into art can find something that appeals to them. All of these unique events help make the museum an excellent destination for a family outing.

Near the museum, the city’s Marietta Square is surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes. The area was once home to a bloody civil war battle. The museum is nestled at the foot of a hill connected to the historic site. The mountain serves as a stopover for migrating birds. This museum offers a unique insight into the city’s history. The museum’s collection of art, including sculptures and paintings, is sure to make your trip more memorable.

The Smith-Gilbert Garden, a well-established collector’s garden, contains over three thousand different plant species. It’s a quaint retreat from the bustle of the city. While you’re in the city, don’t forget to visit the Zuckerman Museum of Art for a truly unique experience. A visit to this unique museum will leave you with a lasting impression on your family.

The Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History is an interesting museum. It features artifacts and antique objects from the era. The main attraction is the General locomotive story of April 1862. This story has elevated the city of Kennesaw, Georgia. The museum offers a variety of programs for families, school groups, and history buffs alike. And don’t forget to check out Swift-Cantrell Park.

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